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The National Association of Real-Estate Brokers (NAREB) Two Million New Black Homeowner Program (2MN5) is one of  NAREB’s solutions in response to its annual report the State of Housing in Black America (SHIBA) ®, with a short and long-term core objectives to eliminate the racial gap and disparities in homeownership in the United States (41% Black vs. 71% White).

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The Program includes the following activities that support NAREB’s motto of 

Democracy in Housing:

  • Advocacy for Black homeownership with public and private sector leaders at the local, state and federal levels;
  • Advertising and marketing to black consumers on the financial and other benefits of Black Homeownership;
  • Activism for access to credit and the reform and changing of regulatory policies and laws that support increased Black homeownership;
  • Action-based community outreach that raises awareness and educates communities across the country of the important role homeownership plays in closing the wealth gap in the black community;
  • Neighborhood and Community Development Projects that foster homeownership;
  • Advocacy and Leadership Development Training for NAREB local leaders and other community and neighborhood stakeholders;
  • Business development training and technical assistance for Black entrepreneurs through NAREB’s Share the Wealth Series and NAREB University;

NAREB fully understands that eliminating the 30% gap in homeownership throughout the U.S. will require organizational discipline, advocacy, focus and partnerships with the faith, business, foundation, and public sectors.  The 2MN5 Program will be implemented both locally and nationally by NAREB with its staff, consultants, members, the NAREB Affiliates, faith-based institutions, community and neighborhood organizations, and public and sector institutions.

 National Home Ownership Programs 
That Assists People Include The Following Programs:
HUD (the US Department of Housing and Urban Development) | NID  
The Housing Counseling Agency | The Women's Council of NAREB
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Down Payment Assistance Programs

We also help with Home Ownership through our Down Payment Assitance Programs. These programs include:

Government Funded Down Payment Assistance  Programs

State Housing Financing Agencies

U.S. Department of HUD State-by-State listings of Agencies

National Homebuyers Fund, Inc. – Free Money for Down Payment
NewHomeSource – Down Payment Assistance 
Programs – Down Payment Assistance 

US Treasury and HUD Program

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