• Promoting Democracy in Housing

  • Congratulations to Our Newly Installed Members of 2020 and President DaVan Gassett

  • Empowering REALTISTS

  • Sustainable homeownership for ALL Americans

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African American Family 05A GREATER CINCINNATI REALTIST ASSOCIATION™ realtist is a NAREB member who represents all professional disciplines within the real estate industry. As with the NAREB, a GREATER CINCINNATI REALTIST ASSOCIATION™ member"promotes the highest standards of professional integrity and follow a strict code of real estate industry ethics."
We, as Realtists have been entrusted with and committed to make certain that communities of color are treated with equality, dignity and respect. So in a very real sense, we are “Reimagining the Dream of Homeownership through Advocacy, Activism and Action”
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